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Game Title: Exo One
Game Developer: Exbleative
Game Publisher:  Future Friends Games, Exbleative
Initial Release Date: 18 Nov 2021
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie, Simulation

I’m giving the Exo One a thumbs up because it definitely doesn’t deserve a thumbs up. But it’s not a thumbs up that if you like a particular type of sport you will enjoy it.

As much as I like it, it looks like everyone here is gagging for it but I can’t help but feel that a lot of the reviews here are part of the Kickstarter crowd or at least Are following. I honestly expected a mixed or positive average on Steam. Definitely not too positive.Exo One Screenshot 1 Free Download


  • Ground control on Major Tom. With this game the whole space exploration environment is clean and you feel the vastness of the universe. You definitely feel a lot of Kubrick 2001 playing it.
  • Control? I’m putting it as a pro but it’s just a kind of a pro when you become a master. The game is like riding a motorcycle. You will fall out of a group, get very frustrated, and maybe even consider quitting. However, if you try harder you will become a master and you will be giving time to the epic drops around the mountains and then you will easily fly in the sky.
  • Comfortable. The game is quite cool and flying in the air and breaking the sound barrier is quite a relaxing experience.
  • You get what you see. Exo One is very honest about what it is and you can quickly decide if this game is for you and give it back.

Exo One Screenshot 2 PC Version


  • Dive into the shallow end. Of course, the worlds are huge and spread out in all directions but they do not carry anything in all directions. It seems to come from the method “until the game decides that it is not” which should be the title of my next angle.
  • Camera The camera is very boxed. Maybe there’s a way to get around it by playing with FOV but I just want to do something out of the box and when you want to get completely wet the free look around is so tight around your Planet.

Exo One game is a complete masterpiece. This will leave you in a permanent state. Beautifully made. Art is beyond any other sport I’ve ever played. This is absolutely amazing regardless of the graphic settings.

Exo One Screenshot 3 Download Free


Many of the things I’ve mentioned are probably minor issues and can be easy to fix. But maybe it’s me and I’m having a hard time fixing it. I really liked the game but a lot of other reviews are really blowing it out of proportion. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT ain’t for me either. This game is bad. Massively flawed.

System Requirements of Exo One Game

Minimum system requirements of the game:
  1. OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 or higher
  2. Processor: Intel Core i5 2ghz or AMD equivalent
  3. Memory: 4 GB RAM
  4. Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 650 or higher with 1GB memory
  5. Hard Drive: 5 GB available space
  6. DirectX: Version 11

How to Install Exo One For PC?

Follow the given below steps to install it on your PC :
  1. Extract the file using “Winrar”.
  2. Open the “Exo One Game”  folder.
  3. Click on “Setup” and install it.
  4. After installation is complete, go to the folder where you extracted the game.
  5. Open the “CODEX” folder, copy all files, and paste it where you install the game.
  6. Click on the “Game” icon to play the game.
File Size: 1.88 GB Download Here

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