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Game Title: Spirit of the Island
Game Developer: 1M Bits Horde
Game Publisher:  META Publishing
Initial Release Date: 17 Aug 2022
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPG, Simulation

Spirit of the Island is a fun farming-sim game heavily inspired by Stardew Valley with the cool twist of setting up your shop and having tourists come and buy your stuff. The game in its current state is great but not perfect.

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This game is very fun to play and there are many things to do. It is still developing; however, the developers are doing a great job with the updates and are consistent. The online multiplayer section only allows a total of two people, which makes it fun to play with a friend. Like I said before the game is in early access so some content is not available yet. If you are looking for a cool game to play, this is for you.

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The game includes survival mechanics, which is very different from most Farming Sims, as most Farming Sims don’t focus on having a Hunger and Thirst system, but this one does. The known system is the only system with Fatigue, there are similar ones, one related to Stamina, the other related to Sleep.

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The gameplay mechanics are probably more diverse than many I’ve seen. It is deep and wide. Nice and relaxing construction game. Live in the four seasons by building your own little town with farms, shops, animals and decorations. Meet new people on the other side of the bridge. Visit different islands for more resources and treasures. Fill your museum with loot on display. Enjoy what you have created from the top of the mountain. Share your experience with a mutual friend. There is so much to do, and so much more.


  • The game is calm and beautiful with a stardew valley and harvest moon feel to it.
  • The music is related to the theme of the game.
  • Lots of things to do, things to collect, and islands to explore.
  • Talk to people and build relationships.
  • less bugs for early access games.


  • The inventory bag and chest should have been significantly larger, to begin with. Collecting items, crafting, and then organizing your inventory is more difficult than the entire game itself.
  • Cannot drag and drop items within your inventory.
  • Items cannot be sold in bulk or thrown away. You have to click them one by one.
  • Can’t move or get rid of placed objects.

This game looks great and is absolutely fun. I really like the graphic style and I can say that this is a game that could potentially burn me a lot of time, but I feel like it needs more work before it can be played. Yes, I would love to see a more organized inventory with drag and drop capability and easy tooling.

Spirit of the Island Screenshot 3, Download Free , PC Download

I expected it to work more like ‘Story of Seasons‘ and ‘Stardew Valley, but the way it’s set up in this game feels kind of stiff and disappointing. Sometimes the buttons on my controller just don’t work so I’ll often switch between the mouse and keyboard and the controller. It just needs a little tweaking there because I can see that once the controls make more sense, I’m going to have a lot more fun with this awesome game. I’m really looking forward to getting back on track when the devs have ironed out more clothes.


Spirit of the Island is in good shape for early arrival, in my opinion. It is at least played with good gameplay to keep players going. However, despite all the positives I’ve mentioned it struggles in the user interface department as inventory management is annoying without loading and unloading and the map needs a lot of work.

At the time of this review, I haven’t delved deeper into the mines or deeper into NPC relationships, so I’ll update this review when I get to that stage in the game. This is one of my first few reviews and I hope it was helpful and readable lol.

System Requirements of Spirit of the Island Game

Minimum system requirements of the game:
  1. OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
  2. Processor: Intel i3 Processor
  3. Memory: 4 GB RAM
  4. Graphics: Nvidia GeForce MMX 110
  5. Hard Drive: 8 GB available space
  6. DirectX: Version 10

How to Install Spirit of the Island For PC?

Follow the given below steps to install it on your PC :
  1. Extract the file using “Winrar”.
  2. Open the “Spirit of the Island Game”  folder.
  3. Click on the “SOTI” icon to play the game.
  4. This Game is Pre-Installed Which means You Don’t need to install this game. Instantly Play!
File Size: 816.47 MB Download Here

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