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Game Title: Gordian Quest
Game Developer: Mixed Realms Pte Ltd, Swag Soft Holdings Pte Ltd
Game Publisher:  Mixed Realms Pte Ltd, Coconut Island Games
Initial Release Date: 23 Jun 2022
Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG, Strategy

Gordian Quest is a mix of many genres: a strategy RPG with turn-based battles that use cards with a roguelike option, all on a nodal map in a campaign that allows you to choose the paths of your adventure.

The game is now launched in Early Access and currently, there is only 1 action out of 4 that will be available at the end. The only activity available is already a huge map, with many interesting nodes to explore. There are now 6 heroes, 500 skill cards, and 200 unique items. The full game will feature many other heroes, all 4 actions, and an ambitious goal of thousands of skill cards and items.

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With so many deckbuilding card games released recently, it has become more difficult to create a unique game. I think these developers have managed to put together a well-made game with card-driven battles and deck building only part of the game. The RPG aspect is also great, and you will easily immerse yourself in this game.


The game begins with a simple interactive tutorial for the combat system, with a step-by-step introduction to the game elements you encounter.

You will choose from 6 heroes to start with, the others are introduced as you play. You will find 4 difficulty settings, with the hardest difficulty, Nightmare, locked at the beginning. We can also choose the roguelike mode, which is characterized by the permanence of the characters as they enter the battle. In normal mode, if your entire party gets into a fight, it will be game over. Additionally, you can heal fallen party members after a battle.

As expected during the battle sequences, you will see a lot of action using the cards. You will draw cards, and use available AP to play cards or move to your side of the field. Each character has their own special cards and AP. While most cards affect the player who plays the card, there are also some AOE cards that can offer good strategic formations.

Gordian Quest Screenshot 2, Download For PC

After battles, characters gain experience, level up, earn money, etc. The RPG management system is very well developed with many useful and interchangeable items, useful and interchangeable skills and abilities, and structure modifications on skill points that can be combined. complementing other party members, etc.

In addition, when you return to the garrison/base you will find many quests and tasks. There will be many things to do, such as visiting healers, buying equipment, talking to townspeople, etc. Some conversations will lead you to some possible adventure paths. During these times you will have to make some important decisions.

The complete game will feature 4 complete actions, with only the first available at the start of Quick Access, as described above.


The graphics are hand-drawn and highly detailed to impress players. The shapes and colors are used also to create a memorable experience. The animations are subtle but cool.

The characters

  • There are 10 playable characters to choose from and your party will consist of 3 characters. You’ll choose the main character to start the campaign, and then follow the others as you progress through the story. However, since companions don’t have individual side quests, there’s no reason to change party order once you find a tactic that works.
  • Each character has their own unique deck that includes a variety of melee, ranged, and magical attacks, and other skills that allow you to protect from damage, heal allies, summon pets, and apply various positive and negative status effects, and friends or enemies around you. network, and reduce the AP cost of other cards.
  • When leveling up, each character can add new cards to their deck, upgrade cards, increase their stats for health, strength, skill, intelligence, or initiative and gain more skill points.
  • Characters can acquire many different items, including weapons, shields, helmets, armor, gloves, boots, belts, rings, and necklaces. Items can be earned as battle rewards, found in dungeons, or bought from shops. Most items provide bonuses to various stats and can be further upgraded by socketing runes, while some items add additional cards to the owner’s deck.


  • The game is great. It is fast and very clear if you want it. Battles are fun and demanding tactics thanks to the paths and lines.
  • Skill-tree. I really like the skill trees because they are very detailed and allow you to build the character you want. Thanks to this, it is very interesting.
  • Synergy. This is a nice addition to the game and adds more fun to the campaign.
  • Different modes, settings, and difficulty settings satisfy even basic players.
  • Multiplayer. You can play online in 1v1 battles.
  • happy There are many different heroes, enemies, cards, items, equipment parts, etc. All in all, there is enough content for many hours of play.


  • Realm mode appears to be a cheat for the “main mode” (campaign). This isn’t too bad, but since this is where the deck builder genre usually shines the most, it feels a little lackluster. I would like to see more features in this mod, give more unlocks, make it more interesting, etc. I also don’t like the story surrounding the campaign at all. This is just a personal thing.
  • Deckbuilder. I mean on the store page it says “using concepts like deckbuilding” but it’s actually very little. Sure, there are cards and you can change your stock but you don’t get new cards as often as in other games. This game is mostly not a deck maker.
  • When a card is selected, it will be enlarged. This prevents you from seeing the battlefield and WHERE you can actually play this card (ie. which lanes and areas you can attack; etc.). I don’t know how a game this long in development couldn’t get this right. Of course, if you click on it once, it will shrink and you can see the battlefield but this makes it a bit annoying overall.

Gordian Quest Screenshot 3, Setup Download


Gordian Quest is a fun and thrilling turn-based strategy game. There is already a lot of content, there are different modes and difficulty settings for casual as well as core players, and the battles are tactical demands. The game is overall very enjoyable and the campaign is thanks to a very good leveling system for heroes, skill trees, types of equipment, and a story to complete (well, not like now, there will be other activities later). The cheat-like mode sadly feels more like campaign fluff and a small, not entirely non-physical extra mode to pass the time. You should also know that this is not a deck builder first and foremost.

System Requirements of Gordian Quest Game

Minimum system requirements of the game:
  1. OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
  2. Processor:  2.0 GHz
  3. Memory: 2 GB RAM
  4. Graphics: 1 GB
  5. Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
  6. DirectX: Version 10

How to Install Gordian Quest For PC?

Follow the given below steps to install it on your PC :
  • Extract the file using “Winrar”.
  • Open the “Gordian Quest Game”  folder.
  • Click on the “GordianQuest” icon to play the game.
  • This Game is Pre-Installed Which means You Don’t need to install this game. Instantly Play!
File Size: 1.21 GB Download Here

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