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Game Title: Close To The Sun
Game Developer: Storm in a Teacup
Game Publisher:  Wired Productions
Initial Release Date: 5 May 2020
Genre: Adventure, Indie

Close To The Sun Video Game” is a fictional game with an interesting and well-researched setting, a decent story, scary atmosphere, minimal puzzles, poorly designed chase scenes that make me angry. Gone, and a good presentation.Close To The Sun Screenshot 1 Free Download


  • Good atmosphere
  • Good graphics
  • Ok story
  • Good voice acting
    Rare but afraid of good jumps.


  • The movement is very slow.
  • There are a lot of articles to read, but unfortunately none of them matter
  • Change gamma as much as possible, otherwise unplayable
  • Some short, about 4-5 hours
  • Save the game restart in the chapter, not so bad because you will probably finish the game in one session.
  • In order to chase, you have to know the way in advance.
  • There is no hint in the last puzzle with 4 levers.

Close To The Sun Screenshot 2 PC Version


There are only other gameplay mechanics, unfortunately, chasing scenes – which are probably applied in some of the worst ways. You usually have several paths and you need to take a certain path, but do not know which path is which.

You may not see the right path because it is too dark. Your pursuer is behind you, so taking the wrong path or stopping to look closely can lead to immediate death. Each time you die, the game shows you an uninterrupted long animation of how to kill.Close To The Sun Screenshot 3 Download Free

Once you know the right path, the chase scenes become easier. But since you may not know it (or may sometimes see it), it takes a lot of irrational repetition to get there. Be prepared to be killed 20 times in the repetition of the same chase scene just because one way out is shrouded in darkness. As you go through, any feeling of fear or challenge, or engagement turns into total annoyance.


The sound and especially the music are great. The soundtrack evokes feelings of sadness, suspense, danger, and terror, while never being pushed into the foreground. This is definitely one of the strong points of the game.


Despite its many flaws, I recommend Close To The Sun Game to fans of narrative games who feel a strong appeal to the setting of the alternate universe with the “Tesla Success” theme. However, it was a very close call and has a number of caveats – read the review, chooses the sections that are right for you, and decide for yourself. I definitely recommend reading some other reviews.

System Requirements of Close To The Sun Game

Minimum system requirements of the game:
  1. OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
  2. Processor: Intel Core i5 / AMD FX 2.4 GHz
  3. Memory: 8 GB RAM
  4. Graphics: GeForce GTX 760 / Radeon R7 260X, 2 GB VRAM or better
  5. Hard Drive: 50 GB available space
  6. DirectX: Version 10

How to Install Close To The Sun For PC?

Follow the given below steps to install it on your PC :
  1. Extract the file using “Winrar”.
  2. Open the “Close To The Sun Game”  folder.
  3. Click on “Setup” and install it.
  4. After installation is complete, go to the folder where you extracted the game.
  5. Open the “HOODLUM” folder, copy all files and paste it where you install the game.
  6. Click on the “Game” icon to play the game.
File Size: 19.2 GB Download Here

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