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Game Title: Bloody Roar 2
Game Developer: Hudson Soft Company, Ltd., Raizing Co., Ltd.
Game Publisher:  Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc.
Initial Release Date: May 26, 1999
Genre: Action, Fighting, Shooter
Platform(s) Arcade, PlayStation 3, PSP | Combined View, Windows

Bloody Roar II is a 3D fighting video game from Tekken, or more accurately, Fighting Vipers School of Gameplay. The hook of the Bloody Roar series is that your fighters can transform into animal versions of themselves – hybrids of human animals with a thirst for violence. During each round, you can fight as a person or you can turn into an animal when your meter is full. As an animal, you will have more moves at your disposal with which you can destroy your opponent.Bloody Roar 2 Screenshot 1 , Full Version

If gaming in the nineties was synonymous with one thing, then this is Sophie Gaming. This era was the culmination of a trend with racing games, sports games, and fighting games that offer a great way to bridge your friends. Among those mentioned, the most competitive market was the easy-to-fight games, with tons of fighters striving to become household names on everyone’s lips, and behind a successful first tour, Fresh, Bloody Rover 2 Stepped up to the plate in hopes of strengthening the series. Fighting game royalty.Bloody Roar 2 Screenshot 2 , Game Setup


  • An excellent fighting engine
  • Great visual for the time being
  • Great extra game modes
  • A great statement


  • A shortlist of fighters
  • Assets recycled from competitors.

The art of war

It is also a pleasure to see the combat system in this title. The series has always been proud to present a hybrid of all the fighters of the time and successfully repeat the other. The variety of special tricks and combos is great, the weight of the characters feels right and the three-point finishers are also great, even if they are caught by Sega’s Virtua Fighter.

A thunderous roar

What Bloody Roar 2 does brilliantly on its return is the same great gameplay that we had from the first game of the series, still getting a little louder. The player still has access to a wide variety of brutal characters to fight with and against. Game modes such as story and arcade mode still have the usual skeptics and retain the visual originality, while adding a new layer of polish to the overall presentation. However, the small changes that make it valuable as a sequel.


There are actually visual improvements – in fact, you’ll find blitzkrieg action almost too much for the eyes. Good moves and cool backgrounds also give a hand.


Although you’ll be shocked to hear Jenny the Beat scream, all the sounds of the jungle are clear. During matches, dye music is somehow a full metal racket and is suppressed at the same time.


You will probably practice too much against a weak friend to reduce the controls because unfortunately there is no practice mode in the game. But after that, you will be roaring with pride.Bloody Roar 2 Screenshot 3 , Full Game

When it comes to new game modes, the game works great in giving the player everything they could ever want. You have a new mode of survival where you have to defeat each character with just one health bar. Watch mode that lets you pick up AI fighters and learn new tricks and vulnerabilities. In addition, you have a custom mode which is like playing a game with chat codes like God mode, Bighead mode, and all the classic settings. It’s a lot of fun and a great addition to the game.


Bloody Roar 2 takes the formula from the first successful outing and re-experiments to deliver an even more impressive end product. The extra game modes are a victory, the gameplay and visuals are one step ahead of the previous game, and the story is somewhat surprising for a fighter.

System Requirements of Bloody Roar 2 Game

Minimum system requirements of the game:
  1. OS: Windows XP/Vista/7(SP1+)/8/10
  2. Processor: 700 MHz
  3. Memory: 256 MB RAM
  4. Graphics: 64 MB
  5. DirectX: 9.0
  6. Hard Drive: 32 MB available space
  7. Sound Card: DirectX Compatible

How to Install Bloody Roar 2 For PC?

Follow the given below steps to install it on your PC :
  1. Extract the file using “Winrar”.
  2. Open the “Bloody Roar 2 Game”  folder.
  3. Click on the “BloodyRoar2” icon to play the game.
  4. It is a Pre-Installed Game !! That means this game is already installed in the folder !! no need to Install it…

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File Size: 20 MB Download Here

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