Samurai Warriors 4-II

Samurai Warriors 4-II for PC FREE is an Action pc game. The released date of the game is 29 Sep 2015. Samurai Warriors 4-II Download For Free PC is developed and published by KOEI TECMO GAMES CO., LTD. Full Version Samurai Warriors 4-II PC Game is now available on PCFreeNow.The latest iteration of the 10th anniversary “Samurai Warriors” series is finally here! Naomasa II appears for the first time as a capable actor, and various personalities of this age have been explored in more depth in “Story Mode”, which now focuses on individual characters.
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Samurai Warriors 4-II Game puts you in the shoes of many different officers and leaders as they live in Japan’s Warring States Era, as they try to consolidate the land. This game’s modes are as follows: Story Mode
Free mode (story style but you can select any character you have locked from the game roster.)
Survival mode (Raise the tower as high as possible)
Unlike the family warriors, you can create your own characters using common weapons, and the weapons of the characters in the game, after playing the story style,
They have also added two new types of attacks: hyper-attacks and special attacks. You have to play as two characters (approximately) at once.
Also, the area’s motivation system. In areas where different shades of red are shown, it is a little difficult to kill the enemy unless something happens on the battlefield, then the enemies of the area will lose their morale or the standard supporters in the area will be killed.
Samurai Warriors 4-II Screen Shot 1, Download, PC Game
Samurai Warriors 4-II Screen Shot 2, Download, PC Game
Samurai Warriors 4-II Screen Shot 3, Download, PC Game

System Requirements of Samurai Warriors 4-II Game

Minimum system requirements of the game:
  1. OS: Windows Vista/7/8/8.1
  2. Processor: Core2 DUO 2.4 GHz
  3. Memory: 1 GB
  4. Graphics: 640*480 pixels over, High Color
  5. Hard Drive: 11 GB available space

Installation Method of Samurai Warriors 4-II For PC?

Follow the given below steps to install it on your PC :
  1. Extract the file using “Winrar”.
  2. Open the “Samurai Warriors 4-II – PC Free Now” >> folder.
  3. Click on the “SW4II” icon to play the game.
File Size: 8.3 GB Download Here

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