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CastleStorm Download for PC FREE is a Tower defense video game.It was released on July 29, 2013 for PC.Download CastleStorm Full PC FREE Game is developed and published by Zen Studios.Welcome to the world of Castle Storm PC Game, a super genre mashup of tower defense brawl 2D physics destruction! Castle Storm was born out of a childhood memory of LEO’s passion for building and destroying forts.
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CastleStorm PC Game is a mix of real-time tower defense and side-scrolling hack and slash, but the former is more prominent when you actually play the game. The bottom line is that you need to prevent enemies from closing the gates of your castle to the wall and taking your flag back to your castle. Everything is on a 2D plane, straight left / right way. You can do this in multiple, often highly creative ways – but all three staples are using your castle’s balletista to manually shoot enemies, sending your own troops to die bravely in the line of duty. And control their own powerful general on the battlefield. . As long as the latter is fun, the casting estimation system is what you will be using most of the time.
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You’ll use the ranks of your projects to offer more headshots than Liebovitz, but it’s not limited to bog-standard ballistas. Yes, you can fire a medicine to turn an enemy griffon into a harmless turkey, and yes you can spray this Viking slip through this kitchen utensil barrage. The options are surprisingly different and most of them are used, different groups have different projectiles available. You open them, soldier classes and other spells / buffs by collecting gold throughout the campaign and encounter, which is then used to upgrade your equipment. These include castle rooms. Ballastas can fire on enemy castles as well as enemy units, and if a room in the castle is destroyed, then immediately give whatever you give to your forces. Just finished. Of course your army could be involved …
The campaign is a lengthy affair, and the missions vary considerably, although the outcome may wear off a bit towards the end. I would say that if you enjoy this game then DLC is worth it, because it is very cheap but two new campaigns and factions open up to play with it. This story is a fairly standard fare find, though it plays with traps in good humor. Multiplayer is almost completely dead, so trust the experience of only one player.
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Overall, Castlestrom is a good game that goes against expectations. It sounds like a tricky iOS game, but it actually gets quite tricky at points and makes good use of its game mechanics. I recommend it to most people who like a somewhat comfortable 2D tower defense. Also, Freya is amazing.
System Requirements of CastleStorm Game
Minimum system requirements of CastleStorm are given below.
  1. OS: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
  2. Processor: Single Core CPU 1.6 GHz
  3. Memory: 512 MB RAM
  4. Graphics: GeForce 6600 / Radeon 9800 / Intel HD 2000
  5. Hard Drive: 500 MB available space
Installation Method of CastleStorm For PC?
Follow the given below steps to install CastleStorm into your PC.
  1. Extract the file using “Winrar”.
  2. Open “CastleStorm” >> folder.
  3. Click on “Setup” and install it.
  4. After installation complete, go to the folder where you install the game.
  5. Click on CastleStorm” icon to play the game.

CastleStorm Free Download

File Size: 390 MB Download Here

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